Fly Compliant, LLC is a regulatory compliance company specializing in FAA certification services.
Since 1998 Fly Compliant, LLC has been providing every level of service to include:

121 Certification

125 Certification

135 Certification

Part 91 LOAs

EASA TCO authorizations

International Operations to include Oceanic and PBN procedures.

RNP Authorization

RVSM Manuals

General Operations Manual / General Maintenance Manual

Minimum Equipment List fully linked and designed for the iPad

CAT II / CAT IIIb Authorization

AMU OpSpecs B040

Polar Operations OpSpecs B055

We developed the first of its kind, web-based recordkeeping system www.LevelFlight.com.
LevelFlight is simply compliance distributed with our iPad application LevelFlight-Mobile. LevelFlight provides:

  • Manuals
  • Recordkeeping
  • Dispatching solution
  • Fully integrated SMS solution

We have the experience and knowledge to offer a compliance solution to support all sizes of operations.