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  • Part 135
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  • RVSM

Fly Compliant, LLC specializes in regulatory compliance and provides support in all areas of operations.
With years of experience we understand the complexities of operations and have built relationships with the many different regulatory agencies:


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We are able to provide accurate guidance that will save time and provide efficient solutions. 

Part 91 Operations

Fly Compliant, LLC offers regulatory support for Part 91 single plane operations to large complex flight departments. Part 91 operators have an increasing number of compliance requirements that require preparation of manuals and documents that need to be submitted to regulators. Fly Compliant, LLC is able to provide detailed support in order to receive the authorizations sought. Documents and/or manuals are developed to each operator’s unique specifications.

Documents include:

  • Letter of Authorizations
    • RVSM
    • MNPS
    • RNP-10
  • MEL per D095 or D195
  • General Operations Manuals
  • SMS Manuals
  • International Manuals

Part 125 Operations

Fly Compliant, LLC provides regulatory support and automated recordkeeping for large complex operations under 125. Part 125 is defined as any aircraft of more than 20 passengers or a maximum payload of 6000 lbs plus for noncommercial operations. Training programs are recommended for Part 125 operations even though there is no regulatory requirement. Additionally Fly Compliant, LLC provides electronic recordkeeping specifically for 125 operations and meets FAA requirements.

Part 125 is a United States specific rule. ICAO equates Part 125 operations to Part 91

Documents include:

  • GOM
  • GMM
  • International Procedures
  • RVSM
  • MEL’s

Part 135 Operations

Fly Compliant, LLC specializes in certifications services for Part 135 operations. We have developed detailed processes and systems in order to produce an air carrier system to each operator’s specifications. With years of experience and with completing the Part 135 certification process in many FSDO’s, we understand the common preferences that inspectors request. We provide guidance that is in compliance with regulators from FAA and ICAO.

The FAA has developed guidance for the certification process which includes development of a certification package. The certification package includes a detailed Statement of Compliance, Schedule of Events and the remaining requirements per the guidance as outlined:

Contact Us for the AC120-49 | FAA 135 Process

Note: The FAA 135 Process guidance is labeled for 9 or less passenger seat operations. The 10 or more passenger seat process for certification is very similar with the added requirement of addressing CFR 135.411(a)(2). This is addressed with the development of a General Maintenance Manual.

DOT Economic Fitness

Under Title 49 of the United States Code, anyone who wants to provide air transportation service as an air carrier must first obtain two separate authorizations from the Department of Transportation: “safety” authority in the form of an Air Carrier Certificate, Operations Specifications from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and “economic” authority from the Office of the Secretary of Transportation (the Department). The ”economic” authority should be in the form of a certificate for interstate or foreign passenger and/or cargo authority issued under section 41102 of the Statute.

Fly Compliant, LLC has the experience to complete the Department of Transportation application process. The DOT Air Carrier Fitness Division requires completion of the certificate authority per section 204.3. The following offers detailed guidance on the requirements of the DOT submission:

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DOT Fitness Application

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