• Regulations
  • Notices
  • OpSpecs
  • Advisory Circulars
  • Orders

Understanding the regulations and navigating FAA requirements is critical for managers. Fly Compliant, LLC provides guidance and training in our regulatory compliance seminar. The seminar is designed to provide managers (14 CFR), the latest information in order to maintain compliance in an ever changing regulatory environment.

Traditionally, managers have learned from on the job experiences but this type of learning has not ensured optimum operating practices and has a high cost. Fly Compliant, LLC provides guidance on the latest requirements and best practices, ensuring managers have the tools to perform their responsibilities efficiencies.


  • Defining Commercial Operations 14 CFR
  • The FAA Flight Standards and Organization
    • Responsibilities
    • Regulatory Questions
  • Types of Operations of Commercial Operations
  • The Application Process
  • WEB for assistance
  • FAA Film
  • Meeting
  • PASI
  • Lease; Aircraft and Rent
  • Drug Program
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Air Ambulance
  • Geographic areas of Operation
  • DOT 4507 and 6410
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance Base
  • Split Base
  • Flight Follower Flight Locating
  • Record Keeping
  • Manual
  • Training
  • Compliance
  • Validation (Proving Runs)
  • RVSM
  • RNP
  • Certification
  • Base Inspection
  • Software
  • Managing Ops
  • Safety Management
  • FAA Investigation Process – Letter of Investigation
  • FAA Regulations, and the Inspector Handbooks
  • Client Service Initiative

The seminar is designed for part 119 managers and personnel that interface with the FAA. A benefit of the seminar is providing guidance on how to work efficiently with the regulators and maintain compliance.

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Due to COVID-19 Seminars are postponed until the Fall.