The FAA issued Order 8040.4 in 1998 as a systemic approach to managing risk. Safety Risk Management has evolved into Safety Management System (SMS) that encompasses all facets of any size operation. Since 2002 Fly Compliant, LLC has been developing a System Safety approach to risk management. By developing a comprehensive safety manual and a web based tool, we have developed a complete system to provide management the ability to manage risk.

For larger operators we have evolved LevelFlight to successfully manage CASS programs. CASS and SMS follow the same processes and LevelFlight has the ability to track and manage maintenance events.

In practical terms SMS is a risk management tool requiring the constant analysis of data and reexamination of operations in order to ensure that stated policies and procedures are being followed. By analyzing LevelFlight data this will lead to the development of new policies and procedures in order to maintain a safe and efficient operation.

The Fly Compliant SMS Solution

Our comprehensive approach to risk management comprises of a SMS manual that is tailored to each operator's specifications. The manual will detail company policies and procedures for collecting data and analyzing reports. provides:

  1. Data collection
  2. Audits
  3. Risk Assessment
  4. Event reporting
  5. Safety Performance Indicators

The reports provide management with details to manage risk and revise the manual system to enhance efficiency and increase safety.

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